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London – the impressive character of its very name suggests times gone by and strength. Its opportunities for distraction by day and night go on and on and on. It’s a city that excites and overawes, motivates and exasperates in equal measure, a grimy Monopoly board spotted with grand places of interest.

It’s a multi-ethnic mix of Third and First Worlds, chauffeurs and beggars, the obstinately traditional and the proudly avant-garde. London is the home of Big Ben, the Millennium Dome and the 2012 Olympics – much to the annoyance of Paris.

London is a year-round tourist centre, with few of its draws closing or drastically reducing their opening hours in winter. For a chance of good dry weather the summer from mid-June to mid-September is the time to visit, but there’s certainly no guarantee of sun even in those months – plus it’s when you can expect the biggest crowds and peak prices.

London – Gatwick (LGW): Location: London Gatwick Airport is 44 km/28 Miles S of Central London, 36 km/22 Miles N of Brighton & 5 km/3 Miles NNE of Crawley. Airport Overview: There are 2 terminals at the Airport: The North Terminal & The South Terminal. These are connected by a free monorail train. The North Terminal is mainly for British Airways. There are bus stations at both terminals and a train station at the South Terminal only. Driving Directions: Gatwick is directly linked to the M23 motorway at junction 9 and to the A23 London-Brighton road. Just a 10 minute drive away, the M25 further connects with the UK’s extensive road & motorway network.

London – Heathrow (LHR): Location: London Heathrow Airport is 25 km/15 Miles W of Central London, 12 km/8 Miles E of Windsor, 6 km/4 Miles NE of Staines. Airport Overview: 4 Terminals: Terminal 4 is to the south of the airport, while Terminals 1,2 & 3 are in the central area and inter-connected by walkways. There is an Underground/Tube station in the central area as well as a bus station. T4 has its own bus station. The Heathrow express train has stations at the central area and at T4.

London – Luton (LTN): Location: 5 km/3 Miles E of Luton & 50 km/31 Miles N of Central London. Airport Overview: One terminal building one the ground level divided into departures and arrivals. The bus stops are right outside, but the dedicated train station is curiously not at the airport, but a short bus ride away.

London – Stansted (STN): Location: 55 km/34 Miles NE of Central London, 37 km/23 Miles S of Cambridge, 15 km/9 Miles NNE of Harlow & 7 km/4 Miles NE of Bishop’s Stortford